Tim’s Tip Jar

Bitcoin and Lightning accepted here Litecoin accepted here

OK, I don’t really expect to make a living on tips from this page, but I recently got my BTCPay Server up and running, and since I am no longer (or at least not currently) in the e-commerce business, I was looking for a place to try it out. For now, I can accept bitcoin (on the original base layer chain), litecoin, and even bitcoin Lightning Network payments through my LND node. I might consider adding additional options at some point.

You can use the form below (or on the left sidebar on most pages) to send a tip. You can even denominate your tip in many fiat currencies (USD, EUR, PHP, etc.). Try sending me a micropayment over the Lightning Network–even as small as one satoshi (0.00000001 BTC)!

If you really want to help, please consider opening a channel directly to my Lightning Network node: