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UPDATED! If you’re reading this post, I probably don’t have to tell you ammunition sales–like all things related to firearms–have gone crazy in recent months. Worse than the toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages from earlier this year, it has become exceedingly difficult to find quality ammo in stock almost anywhere.

Personally, I shoot seven different calibers. For many of those, I need both defensive-grade and range-grade versions. Sourcing all those in reasonable quantities has become quite the challenge. And when I do find something, the prices are pretty crazy.

I posted on social media the other day about the number of web sites I regularly scour for ammo. Since several of you have asked, I posted the list here. I’ve also made several updates based on recommendations you have made. The three lists below are in alphabetical order.

Aggregators, ammo search engines and ammo deal alert services: Online ammo sellers I have bought from and personally recommend: Other online ammo sellers who seem reputable and/or have been recommended by friends (I would certainly consider buying from these companies but can’t personally recommend because I have no direct experience with them):

One last tip–many of these vendors have e-mail alerts announcing special deals, or arrival of new stock. You might want to sign up for those, and act quickly when you get a notification.

What are your favorite online ammo dealers? Am I missing any other reputable sellers on this list? Are there any with whom you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience? Let us know in the comments section below!

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4 thoughts on “Online Sources for Ammunition

  • Mark Duke

    Tim thanks for your service to the community and insight. I buy at Cabela’s the prices have gone up

    • Tim Totten Post author

      Yeah, they’ve gone up everywhere. Some things, like lower-end .380 AUTO FMJ, have gone up more than 300% just in the last five months. It’s crazy.

  • Kenneth Heavrin Jr.

    Tim, even reloading components such as primers have gotten in short supply. If one is thinking of investing in reloading equipment to “roll their own,” I would suggest looking at availability of supplies before investing a lot into the equipment at this time.

    • Tim Totten Post author

      Yeah, I understand small pistol primers are especially hard to find now. I’m not a reloader. I might give it a try some day, just for the fun and challenge of developing a new skill. But I don’t think it saves you any money if you value your time at any kind of reasonable rate. Same is definitely true for building your own guns, which I really enjoy. 🙂