DX editors e-mail reflector moved

The e-mail reflector for DX editors has been moved. Details for the new reflector, including the form for subscribing can be found here: http://mail.timtotten.com/mailman/listinfo/editors_timtotten.com This reflector is used by many DXpeditions for issuing press releases, and for DX-related news updates from other sources (DX award managers, DX foundations, etc.). The […]


Bitcoin market capitalization

Barry Silbert to speak on blockchain, digital currencies at UPS Speaker Series

On Thursday, 29 September, fintech pioneer Barry Silbert will speak on “Blockchain Technology and the Digital Currency Revolution” at the UPS Speaker Series. The live broadcast from Founders’ Auditorium at UPS headquarters in Atlanta will be 0930 to 1045 EDT. UPS CIO Juan Perez will join Barry Silbert, founder of […]

We're Hiring!

Dear Mr. Politician, it’s not your job to “create” jobs!

I guess you all knew it wouldn’t be long before I waded into some political minefield. But hang in here with me. This post isn’t aimed at any particular candidate or party. Nearly every candidate for political office, regardless of party affiliation or where they fall on the political spectrum, […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog at TimTotten.com! Thanks for stopping by. From time to time, I have some random thoughts that I’d like to share with the world, but I’m just not able to express them effectively within the constraints of today’s social media platforms. So I hope this blog […]