Received my MIT Fintech Certificate


I’m happy to report that I received my Fintech certificate today from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). My final grade was 95.9.

I highly recommend this course for anyone considering a startup involving bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, roboadvisory services, new payment technologies or other areas of the fintech space. It’s also helpful for people like me who are trying to bring fintech innovation to their current corporate environment.

UPDATE: Several of you have asked “what is ‘fintech’?” In short, it’s a portmanteau that comes from “finance” or “financial” plus “technology” and the definition can vary a bit depending on who you ask. In my mind, the most important components of fintech are cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin) and the underlying blockchain (a.k.a. “distributed ledger”) technology that makes cryptocurrencies work. But the term can also certainly include a wide range of new technologies that impact payments, investing, insurance, governance, wealth management, remittances, identification, fraud prevention, and many other areas.

Here’s a link to the digital version of my certificate:

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