Resistance and repression in Venezuela

I have never had the pleasure of visiting their beautiful country, although on a couple of occasions I have been close enough to gaze upon it from distance. Still, the Venezuelan people–some of whom I count as good friends–have been on my heart and in my mind for several years now.

This weekend, the feckless leadership of Venezuela will take steps to make this man-made disaster even worse. And most of the world will look the other way.

I don’t know why the media here in the U.S. doesn’t seem to care about this story. Actually, I think I do know, but there’s little point in going there. And I don’t have any misconceptions that there’s much I can do as one individual to make this situation any better.

Still, I would encourage everyone to watch this short (10-minute) video from the BBC, say a prayer for the people of Venezuela, and vow to take a stand for liberty across the world.

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