World Series of Poker 2022 Results

This year’s WSOP tournament results were pretty disappointing. I felt like I played well enough to have better results, but tournament poker is such a high-variance pursuit, and I was just on the wrong side of the probability distributions this year. Still, for the benefit of those of you who bought a piece of my WSOP tournament action, here are the final numbers.

Event #EventPlanned Buy-InsPlanned Buy-In DollarsActual Buy-InsCash Outs
47Seniors NLH Championship2 x $1000$2000$1000
49NLH2 x $2000$4000
53Mixed NLH/PLO1 x $5000$5000
55Tag Team NLH Freezeout0.5 x $1000$500$500
Online 5Online Deepstack NLH2 x $600$1200
57Deepstack NLH2 x $600$1200$600$2436
Online 6NLH Turbo Deepstack2 x $500$1000
62Super Turbo Bounty NLH Freezeout1 x $1500$1500$1500
64PLO Deepstack0$0$1800
65Freezeout NLH1 x $3000$3000
66Mini Main Event NLH1 x $1000$1000$1000
Online 7NLH Deepstack2 x $500$1000
70The Main Event NLH1 x $10,000$10,000$10,000
71One More for One Drop0$0$1111
76Poker Hall of Fame Bounty1 x $1979$1979
Online 9NLH Online Bracelet Championship2 x $1000$2000
Tim’s 2022 WSOP Results vs. Planned Budget

So for the full $40,000 package, this means there is a buy-in rebate of $22,489 plus a cash out of $2436, for a total payout of $24,925. In other words, everyone who bought a piece of the package gets back 62.3125 percent of their buy-in. As of this writing (15 July, 2022), everyone has been paid out.

Fortunately, the live cash games in Las Vegas were much more profitable for me (as usual). I played several sessions of 2/5 NLH, some 1-2-5 and 5-5 PLO, and even a couple sessions of 5-10-20 NLH in the famous Kings Lounge. Among all those, I only had two losing sessions, and only one of those was for a significant amount. Bottom line–my cash game winnings more than offset my tournament losses, so it was a moderately successful trip overall from a personal financial point of view. Hopefully next time I can spin up some better tournament results and share a bit of that success with everyone.

I’ll probably look for a few more tournament series to play throughout the year. Let me know below if there are any specific ones you’d recommend!

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